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Our silver series trays feature a headboard as standard with your choice of mesh or bars for window protection with either round or square hurdle options.


Our trays consist of drop sides, removable corner posts, drop locks, rear side steps and full mudguards. Check out our accessories range for any add-ons.


Our trays can be fully optioned and upgraded to suit your personal requirements and we now offer the option of steel or aluminium products.



Our Gold Series trays feature a customised window protection with incorporated tie rail. Choose from either our square or round hurdle options available.


This tray consists of the same inclusions as our Silver Series with the added benefit of a contoured front panel and heavy duty side tie rails. *Under tray toolboxes pictured are an addition.


Whether you choose our Silver Series or Gold Series tray, we will always work to deliver the best possible tray for your needs.


Our standard SILVER SERIES TRAY includes a steel tray featuring a 50mm RHS mandrel bent front hurdle, checker plate floor, drop sides and tailgate, fully welded one piece mudguards, steps on all corners of single cab and extra cab trays, rear steps only on dual cab trays, removable corner posts, tie-rails full length on either side and the option of mesh or bars for rear window protection. You can now get it all for as little as $4037.00* incl GST!

With guaranteed value for money, get yours today!

*This package price is only available for selected 4x4 vehicles including Ranger, BT50, Hilux, Colorado, Dmax, Navara, Triton, and LDV.

Basic tray costs start at $4103.00 for a Land Cruiser/Nissan Patrol and $4180.00 for an Amarok/X-Class/Rapter.

bUTE Trays

No matter which brand of vehicle you are buying, bUTE Trays are your aluminium and steel trays for utes providers. Whether you are buying Ford, Isuzu, Holden, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volkswagen or LDV, we have standard ute trays to suit you.

Let us help you build the most practical and stylish ute trays suited to your needs. Click "READ MORE" to discover more about Bute and the endless options and accessories that we can offer you!


Quality Ute Tray Solutions


Can any tray fit on any ute?

When using standard tyre sizes, most utes can handle a ute tray with tray dimensions of 1,900-2,000mm x 1,800-2,600mm. Changes may have to be made on under-tray toolboxes to fit in the available space, and extended tray lengths may cause clearance issues for tow bars. It is also important to consider tray weights in your calculations before you decide on a specific ute tray. If you have any doubts about our products fitting your ute, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to confirm it for you!

How much do ute trays cost?

It’s not easy to provide a general estimate on steel and aluminium ute trays’ prices because the range of options for a new ute tray and its accessories are so incredibly varied. bUTE Total Tray Solutions offers a free quotation service that allows you to specify your requirements and get a more tailored quote. Try our convenient new quote form today and get the ball rolling!

What are ute trays?

Ute trays are robust metal trays that attach securely to the back of any suitable utility vehicle and allow you to carry loads and belongings. They can also be customised with removable accessories and different storage options to store and protect your trade tools or private possessions, both from the elements and from ‘wandering’ hands.

How do you make a ute tray?

Our custom-built aluminium ute trays and steel ute trays come in a variety of tray types that we modify and accessorise to your requirements. You can see the full range of stock-standard options on our site. All the manufacturing is done in-house by our team to an incredibly high standard.

How do you organise a ute tray?

How you decide to organise your ute tray is a personal choice that mainly depends on how you plan to use your vehicle. You could add a single toolbox or have two, one on each side. You can also fully or partially cover it with a ute tray canopy to protect tools or leave open areas for larger items or livestock as required. The choices are endless, so take a look at our ute tray designs for inspiration or get in touch with us for help.

Can you add a ute tray canopy?

Absolutely! We can create a custom ute tray canopy for your exact vehicle’s dimensions and add all the ute tray accessories you need to make it the perfect practical solution to your needs.

Do you do customised ute trays?

Effectively, all of our ute tray designs are customised according to your wishes, as your choice of ute accessories are added to either an aluminium ute tray or a steel ute tray, depending on your preference.

Moreover, at bUTE Total Tray Solutions, we make everything in-house. From ute slide trays and ute tray covers to all the ute tray accessories you can think of, we manufacture all the parts ourselves, from scratch. This allows for an unprecedented level of customisation, one that imported ute trays and accessories can’t match.

What are the features of your ute trays?

Aside from the rugged and durable finish, our ute trays feature a huge selection of ute tray accessories, from tool and dog boxes to under-tray sliding drawers and ladder racks. The options are comprehensive, and with bUTE you can purchase a total work package for your ute in one friendly, convenient location.

What are the available finishes of your ute trays?

All of our ute tray designs and products are first sandblasted, then zinc primed, and powder coated. This produces an incredibly hard-wearing finish that can be supplied in a range of matching or contrasting colours.

Why trust bUTE trays?

bUTE Total Tray Solutions is proud to be a hard-working, reliable local company that is 100% Australian owned and operated. We have been a part of our local community, manufacturing steel ute trays in regional Victoria, for more than 20 years. We have now added aluminium ute trays and a wide range of ute tray covers and accessories to our range of products.

Whatever your needs and requirements are, our commitment is to always deliver a superior product, on time, within budget, and with outstanding customer service.

Do you offer a warranty?

At bUTE Total Tray Solutions, we are proud of the quality of all our products and stand by their strength and durability. We will investigate any damage due to mistakes in the manufacturing process, but general wear and tear are the responsibility of the user. Please check our FAQs section for more information.

How can I order a ute tray from you?

Ordering your bespoke aluminium or steel ute tray and the ute tray accessories to go with it, whether a full ute tray cover, a large ute tray toolbox or other ute accessories, couldn’t be easier. Simply reach out to us to discuss your exact requirements. Once you have received a quote and are happy to proceed, give us a call or send us an email with the go-ahead, and we’ll start producing it. It’s that simple. With aluminium ute tray prices starting at $3,670 and a wide range of models and customisations available, get in touch with us today for an estimate!

What is the difference between steel and aluminium ute trays?

Steel and aluminium ute trays offer distinct advantages, catering to various needs and preferences. Steel trays are renowned for their durability and strength, making them ideal for heavy-duty use and demanding work environments. They can withstand more weight and are tougher than aluminium trays but are heavier, which may impact fuel efficiency. On the other hand, aluminium trays are lighter, enhancing fuel economy and handling. They resist corrosion naturally, which is especially beneficial in harsh weather conditions or coastal areas, though they might not match the toughness of steel for extreme loads.

Do you install ute trays?

At bUTE Total Tray Solutions, we proudly install ute trays for our customers. Whether you prefer the robustness of steel or the lightweight efficiency of aluminium, our team is equipped to provide expert installation. We offer installations at dealerships within a 200-kilometer radius of Bendigo or directly at our factory in Epsom, Victoria, ensuring your ute tray is fitted with precision and care.

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