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Dog Cages

Why you need dog cages on ute trays

If you travel with your dog often, you must remember a few things about letting them ride on the back of your ute: 

  • Weather affects the condition of your ute tray. Depending on the season, it might be too hot or too cold for their sensitive paws.
  • They could fall off of the back of your ute tray if not properly secured. They might also become exposed to elements like debris from off-road travelling.
  • Some state laws require you to keep them secure in the back of your ute, either through tethers or dog cages

Dog cages are the perfect option as they are made from strong, durable materials that keep your furry friend secure on your ute tray and safe from the elements. 

Installation services for dog cages

At bUTE Total Tray Solutions, we understand that your pet’s safety is of the utmost importance. Take advantage of our years of experience and let us secure your dog cages for you. Fill out our online form for enquiries today.

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